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        乐虎国际游戏座落在我国西南综合交通枢纽中心,拥有天府之美誉的文化名城—成都. 注册资金3077万元,总部位于江苏省南京市,并在扬州宝应工业园区拥有20000平米的现代化设备制造基地。是一家专业从事环保和水资源的再生利用,膜分离技术的应用与推广,电站凝结水精处理技术的开发与应用,粉尘、恶臭控制,危险化学品气体的应急处理及VOCs(可挥发性有机物)和NOx(氮氧化物)等气态污染物的监测和末端深度治理.并通过与国内外包括德国亚琛工业大学、南京大学、南开大学、东北大学等多所高校进行技术合作和联合研发。提供世界一流产品、设备及综合解决方案的高科技企业. 公司伴随着中国经济建设的改革和发展,经过多年的努力奋斗,足迹踏遍祖国的大江南北. 并出口到印度、印尼、菲律宾、孟加拉、老挝、土耳其、阿联酋、加纳等十几个国家,在行业内有着良好的信誉。
公司与众多的国际知名公司(如美国DOW、GE、KOCH、Purafil、Waltron、HoneyWell 、德国朗盛、BASF等)保持着良好的合作,紧盯国内外环保领域内的尖端应用技术,使我们在膜分离技术的应用,危险化学气体应急处理及气态污染物的末端深度治理方面一直保持在行业最前沿.为客户持续不断的创造新的价值.

       Sichuan TopRay Energy Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the southwest China's comprehensive transportation hub and the cultural city with the reputation of land of abundance- Chengdu. Its registered capital is 30.77 million yuan. The company is engaged in the application and popularization of membrane separation technology, the development and application of oil and water separation technology, the emergency treatment of dangerous chemical gases, the monitoring and end deep treatment of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), NOx (nitrogen oxides) and other gaseous pollutants. As a high-tech enterprise, it provides world-class products, equipment and comprehensive solutions. With the reform and development of China's economic construction, the company’s footprint has spread all over the motherland after many years of efforts, and the products have been exported to more than a dozen countries such as India, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Laos, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Garner. Its products have a good reputation in the industry.

       The company mainly serves in the fields of electric power, petrochemical, coal chemical industry, iron and steel metallurgy, coating, printing, electronic semiconductor, medicine, food and beverage, municipal environmental protection and civil construction, etc., and also plays an important role in the sewage treatment, reuse of recycled water, industrial wastewater treatment and recycling, various water purification treatment, chemical pharmaceutical industry material separation, acid-base recycling and special separation process.

       The company has maintained good cooperation with many well-known international companies (such as American DOW, GE, KOCH, Purafil, Waltron, HoneyWell, German Lanxess and BASF, etc.) and closely focuses on advanced application technologies in the field of environmental protection at home and abroad, maintaining the application of membrane separation technology, emergency treatment of dangerous chemical gases and the end deep treatment of gaseous pollutants in the forefront of the industry to continuously create new value for customers.
Customized design 
Optimum design on the process, electrical control, equipment structure and process piping according to customers’ condition and requirements. 
Perfect services
The company provides consultation, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, after-sales service and various pilot and laboratory experimental units